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Lost and found: How retargeted banner ads can recapture lost leads

Retargeted banner ads February 5, 2014

Despite the overwhelming influence and addictive pull of the Internet, most people know when to call it quits. Sometimes they have no choice. Eventually life beckons from beyond the computer screen, and purchases and online forms are consequently abandoned or mentally flagged to revisit at a later time.

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Retargeting strategies for non-retail and B2B marketers

B2B, Best practices, Retargeted banner ads June 3, 2013

Since most websites see only 2% of traffic converting on the first visit 1, it’s no secret retail marketers are fond of retargeting the remaining 98%. As retargeting pioneers, retail marketers have had a great deal of success in recapturing lost online sales. But non-retail and B2B marketers have been slow to adopt retargeting as a best practice. They often view retargeting as a B2C-only solution and sometimes overlook retargeting and its potential to recapture prospects.

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