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Drive Customer Loyalty and Engagement with Content Marketing

Content Marketing February 20, 2020


Customer loyalty can be fickle, as only 28% of customers loyal to brands, according to research from Accenture. As a result, marketers are left anxiously fretting over customers’ actions or inactions.

Today’s average customer has high expectations of businesses. People are no longer loyal to brands simply because they have a history with certain products or services. Customers remain loyal despite the many other brands clamoring for their attention because a company has created strategies that build long-term relationships, promptly respond to customers’ needs and desires and also generate multi-touchpoint engagement measures with content marketing.

Customer loyalty is nurtured by increased positive engagement with a brand.

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The 4 Keys To Personalization in Marketing

Digital Marketing, Personalization, Data Marketing February 13, 2020

With the growing number of messages people receive today — online and offline — the importance of delivering a message that resonates with the user has never been more important. Creating a personalized message that creates a connection is critical, and with the increasing amount of data available to marketers, personalization options have only expanded. Personalization needs to be incorporated into all marketing, shopping and service experiences. In many of his presentations on personalization, J&C's CEO Ron Jacobs has referenced the 4 R’s of personalization from Accenture and discussed how they are key ingredients in connecting with prospects and customers. This blog explores these 4 key components of personalization and how you can use them to better connect with your customers.

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8 Customer-Centric Types of Content Marketing

Content Marketing February 11, 2020

Customer-centric content is key for developing a positive relationship with your target audience.

After all, everyone is looking for new ways to increase efficiency, improve results and make regular responsibilities easier. Different types of content marketing help your audience achieve their goals more than others. Content formats like checklists and templates are easy-to-use tools that help your customer, which means you remain top of mind later when they may be in the market to buy or engage.

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6 Engagement-Building Types of Content Marketing

Content Marketing February 7, 2020

If seeing is believing, then it only follows that visuals play a vital role in communication. That’s especially true as you decide on what types content marketing you are going to include in your content marketing strategy.

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How to Use Behavioral Marketing to Build a Relationship With Your Customers

Inbound Marketing January 30, 2020

Behavioral marketing can be used in conjunction with content marketing to improve and enhance the customer relationship. Modern businesses store a significant amount of data, but they don’t always use this information to their benefit. Applying data to communications can ensure companies tailor their marketing campaigns for optimal effectiveness.

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4 Ways Insurance Companies Can Improve Customer Engagement

Direct Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Insurance Marketing January 16, 2020

For years, the retail and financial services industries have emphasized on customer engagement and the relationships. For the insurance industry, it's been different. Insurance companies would work to get new customers and often their relationships would be limited to sending a renewal notice every six months or a year. As competition increases, companies in the insurance industry need to find a new way to keep their customers engaged and avoid churn. Here are four ways insurance companies can make sure they are engaging their customers in the right way.

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Content Marketing: A Way to Re-Engage Your Customers

Inbound Marketing January 15, 2020

Content marketing techniques can be used to reinvigorate a waning customer relationship, encourage customer re-engagement and improve customer retention. Effective customer relationship marketing requires that customer relationships be customer-centric and refined over time based on behavior. Fostering an atmosphere of repeated interaction and constant engagement can help companies and their brands increase their authority and become a go-to source for customers.

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What's In Store for the Future of Direct Mail?

Direct Marketing January 10, 2020

Direct mail marketing has experienced a major resurgence. Contrary to popular belief, even millennials read and respond to direct mail. Despite the emergence of countless digital marketing channels, consumers actually respond to direct mail more frequently than online channels. Why? Well, consumers view direct mail as credible. Yes, traditional direct mail techniques are still relevant — but technology is changing the game. Here are four ways one of the oldest forms of marketing has evolved in the age of technology. 

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3 Ways to Improve Your Financial Services Loyalty Program

Direct Marketing January 9, 2020

Maintaining customer loyalty and engagement has never been more difficult for businesses in the financial industry. With emerging free, convenient apps and alternatives to make payments the space has become very competitive for many financial services companies. To remain competitive, financial services marketers need to find a way to differentiate themselves from new competitors and provide value to their customers. Many have started to create loyalty programs to do this. According to PYMNTS, loyalty programs have expanded into many industries, with over 3.8 billion total U.S members participating in loyalty programs in 2017, they are no longer primarily for grocery and retail. Financial services loyalty programs require different thinking then a standard loyalty program, so here 3 ideas to focus on to make your financial services loyalty program successful.

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The CMO’s Guide to bionic leads

CMO July 23, 2014

If you’ve ever experienced late-night television, where they replay old shows from the ‘70s through the ‘90s, perhaps you’ll recall “The Six Million Dollar Man.” It was a story based on an astronaut who was injured in an accident and the subsequent $6 million operation to replace both of his legs, his right arm and his left eye all with state-of-the-art bionics. The implants enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms: He can run at speeds of 60 mph, his eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities, and his bionic limbs all have super-human power. Oddly enough, while watching, I started thinking about lead generation techniques. That’s right, “bionic” leads.

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