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How SEO impacts content marketing and what every website owner should know

Direct Marketing March 18, 2014

Improving search engine optimization (SEO) means having an effective content marketing strategy that conforms to updated search algorithms by search engine master Google. One of the greatest myths about 21st century SEO concerns the outdated notion that search engine "crawlers" prodded by specific inquiries are irresistibly attracted to websites composed of a cluster of keywords within a block of text. Just like many other urban myths, the idea of keyword stuffing being the end-all to ranking websites just isn’t true. Quality content is now the name of the game to positively impact search engine optimization.

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Why direct marketing will never die…and how direct marketing best practices are applied to many different channels

Direct Marketing, Best Practices February 25, 2014

I’d argue that direct marketing is more alive now than ever. The core principles of direct marketing are being used across a number of different channels, especially digital channels.

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The attributes of a successful referral program

Utility Industry January 2, 2014

Marketers are searching for new ways to develop and execute referral programs. These programs are popular because they benefit everyone involved: Employers look smart and savvy by providing perks to their employees, and employees in turn benefit from participating. Referral programs are also perfect for any business that faces a tight budget and aggressive sales goals, since they can work without the support of a sales force.


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2 different lead generation techniques and philosophies: have them find you, you find them

B2B, Best Practices July 30, 2013

Most marketing and sales organizations thrive on identifying new business opportunities and generating leads. I often wonder if the marketing industry celebrates customer retention nearly to the degree it should. But the reality is leads, prospects and new customers are one of the key priorities for most marketing organizations.

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Retail and SMS marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly

Mobile July 22, 2013

Many retailers have begun to leverage mobile marketing. SMS/MMS marketing is one of the most common forms of mobile marketing that retailers are using.

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7 advantages of direct mail

Direct Marketing, Best Practices July 17, 2013

With the proliferation of channels, marketers are often forced to make trade-offs. One of the questions they find themselves asking is: What are the advantages and expected returns for certain channels?

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7 considerations for where to get started with mobile marketing

Mobile July 17, 2013

Mobile marketing has so many facets. I often wonder if it might be difficult at times for marketers to know where to get started. Mobile-optimized emails, mobile-designed web and landing pages, mobile advertising, SMS/MMS programs, mobile search and mobile apps are considerations for marketers.

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A third of marketers admit to not having a mobile strategy

Mobile July 16, 2013

According to a study J&C recently conducted, we found that 1/3 of marketers admitted to not having a defined strategy for mobile. Mobile marketing is a category that has a number of different sub-components. It includes mobile-optimized emails, mobile-designed web and landing pages, mobile advertising, SMS and MMS programs, and mobile apps.

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How to generate almost 20,000 retail SMS subscribers in less than 20 days

Mobile July 15, 2013

Building a subscriber database is critical for all marketers who want to embark on an SMS/MMS campaign. According to Papimedia, 85% of people respond positively to SMS messages. Furthermore, one-third of consumers say they interact with a brand via text message on a regular basis.

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Why utility and energy marketers should use personalized URLs

Utility Industry July 12, 2013

Utility and energy marketers are constantly struggling to drive engagement in what has been historically a low-involvement category. Utility and energy companies are striving to evolve their marketing activities including the launch of new programs that require active customer participation. Marketing techniques that increase relevancy and drive conversions are getting utility and energy marketer’s attention.

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