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Retailer’s battle for share of wallet

Mobile October 15, 2014

It’s becoming more and more likely that the average retailer is going to be engaging in a battle for their share of the consumer’s wallet. Most industry experts agree that traditional brick-and-mortar retail is going to face nominal growth over the next 2 years, although specific sectors of retail such as online and active wear have a chance to see double digit growth.

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How online billing may be killing the bill insert for many utilities

Inbound Marketing, Utility Industry September 3, 2014

Bill inserts have traditionally been a critical communications tactic for utilities. In the past, bill inserts have been a highly efficient form of marketing for many utilities. At a minimum, bill inserts have been a low-cost tactic to reach the majority of a utility’s customer base. According to an article in Electric Light & Power, consumers read around 50% of these inserts.1

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Right place, right time: Capitalizing on energy-related searches to drive traffic

Inbound Marketing, Utility Industry July 24, 2014

When decision makers for small and medium-sized businesses need new lighting, new equipment or require the services of a technician or contractor, they often rely on the Internet instead of traditional forms of advertising and marketing to find a resource. Utility and energy companies have an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time and appear in top search results when customers are looking for solutions. Adding useful content can help optimize a website for search engines and capitalize on customer search behavior.

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Savings is the wrong lead message for utility and energy content marketing

Inbound Marketing, Utility Industry June 18, 2014

Energy efficiency is an initiative that many utility marketers are currently undertaking. When it comes to energy efficiency, the prevailing thought among most consumers and businesses tends to be, “Show me the money.” Savings tend to trump many other benefits and is generally the motivator for engaging in energy efficiency measures.

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6 proven techniques for increasing conversions

Digital Marketing April 10, 2014

While generating traffic and leads is essential to many marketers, increasing conversions is increasingly becoming a focus. Conversions are where the “rubber meets the road.” Conversions for some marketers might be converting on-site traffic to complete a lead form, while for other marketers conversions are measured as the purchase or transactional mechanism. Whatever your definition of a conversion is, it is likely that increasing conversions is something that ties directly to increasing your company's revenue.

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How SEO impacts content marketing and what every website owner should know

Direct Response Marketing March 18, 2014

Improving search engine optimization (SEO) means having an effective content marketing strategy that conforms to updated search algorithms by search engine master Google. One of the greatest myths about 21st century SEO concerns the outdated notion that search engine "crawlers" prodded by specific inquiries are irresistibly attracted to websites composed of a cluster of keywords within a block of text. Just like many other urban myths, the idea of keyword stuffing being the end-all to ranking websites just isn’t true. Quality content is now the name of the game to positively impact search engine optimization.

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Social media needs content marketing

Inbound Marketing, Social CRM March 13, 2014

Content marketing is one of the leading sources of generating website traffic. When content marketing is analytically keywords-driven, it is a proven source of search engine optimized page rankings.

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Why direct marketing will never die…and how direct marketing best practices are applied to many different channels

Direct marketing February 25, 2014

I’d argue that direct marketing is more alive now than ever. The core principles of direct marketing are being used across a number of different channels, especially digital channels.

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Most popular blog articles of 2013

CMO February 20, 2014

When we started down the content marketing journey, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We took an analytical approach to selecting topics, analyzing keywords to determine which topics marketers were interested in and searching. But we couldn’t help but wonder, “What would marketers enjoy reading from us?”

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The attributes of a successful referral program

Utility Industry January 2, 2014

Marketers are searching for new ways to develop and execute referral programs. These programs are popular because they benefit everyone involved: Employers look smart and savvy by providing perks to their employees, and employees in turn benefit from participating. Referral programs are also perfect for any business that faces a tight budget and aggressive sales goals, since they can work without the support of a sales force.


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