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Customer Adoption Goes Mobile

Posted by Michelle Keefe on January 23, 2014

Look around you. If you’re in a crowded area, it’s not unlikely that most of the people within view are using their mobile phones in some way. In the last few years, mobile phones have evolved dramatically to include services that go well beyond the devices’ original purpose.



Mobile phones are the new motherboard of humanity. Think about it. At the touch of a button, people can order food, measure the number of calories consumed, log in health and physical fitness stats, set up and organize important appointments, follow current events, listen to music and watch TV. In many ways, mobile phones are like magic wands. They make things happen.


At Jacobs & Clevenger, we know how important mobile phones are to marketing, especially mobile marketing. Leveraging the convenience and instant accessibility of mobile phones, we worked with iPay Solutions to help them market a mobile banking app that allows customers to manage their finances anytime, anywhere. The mobile campaign was developed for their network of more than 3,000 financial institutions.


To learn how we helped successfully market the app and grow adoption for a new mobile banking service, check out the following best practices.

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Build awareness with the right campaign materials.

The success of any mobile campaign relies on communicating its message clearly. Not all consumers are tech-savvy, so for this campaign we provided several elements that delivered information in a direct way. We created mobile-optimized emails, an FAQ landing page, videos, a brochure with a scannable QR code and banner ads.

Providing several avenues for participation in-branch and online was key to reaching the optimal number of consumers.


Remove security fears by empowering consumers with information.

1.23 2Financial institutions have an especially difficult time getting their customers to adopt mobile banking services because of security and privacy concerns. We created a landing page devoted entirely to frequently asked questions to help allay those concerns. The questions addressed mobile banking basics, features, how to use the app and how to get started. We also directed consumers to trusted websites by incorporating hyperlinks throughout the FAQ page. The hyperlinks provided immediate access to the mobile banking app, and consumers could rest easy knowing their personal information was in good hands.




Paint a picture for the consumer.

Capitalizing on the campaign’s mobile banking theme—banking at the speed of life—we created videos that presented relatable, real-life scenarios. A woman at the mall. A man at the gym. A couple in a park. What these people all have in common is that they’re nowhere near a computer or their bank, but they have to make a payment on time. The videos walk consumers through the process of mobile banking and show how easy it is to use.

1.23 3Banner ads were also a great accompaniment to the mobile banking campaign. Like mobile marketing, banner ads require concise messaging because they work within a limited space. Depending on the banner size, this could mean 50 characters or less. But with the right amount of creativity and vision, you can entice consumers to click through to the main campaign website in just a few words.






Highlight the features and benefits of the mobile campaign.

Persuading consumers to change their habits, especially when it comes to their personal finances, can be a challenge. But it’s important for marketers to meet consumer demands, and more and more consumers are demanding control and flexibility over the products and services they use every day.

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iPay Solutions met this demand by developing the mobile banking app. We took it from there by highlighting the app’s benefits. The campaign’s biggest selling point was that consumers could view and manage their finances from one app, whenever and wherever they pleased. We demonstrated all the advantages of the mobile app by focusing on its best features in every piece of marketing communication we released.





Despite the challenges facing iPay Solutions, the mobile banking FAQ page we created had a conversion rate of more than 40%, and the videos led to a conversion rate of more than 20%. To learn more about the benefits of mobile marketing, see our blog article, The pivotal role of technology in retail bank marketing communications.


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