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3 Steps to Effective Communication During the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by David Quigley on May 6, 2020

It’s been a tough couple of months. And the weeks and months ahead don’t look a whole lot better.

In addition to the health crisis, there have been work stoppages, bankruptcies, plant closings and sweeping cutbacks.

Then, you put customers in quarantine and suddenly, communicating with them becomes a real challenge.

That said, now, perhaps more than ever, it is critical to communicate effectively.

You certainly don’t want to come across as tone-deaf during this time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still address your brand initiatives. So how do you do it? How should firms communicate during the COVID-19 crisis?

Here are 3 key points to guide your approach:

1) Take advantage of the heavy traffic on social media channels — show off your product.

People are at home — with time on their hands — and they’re turning to the Internet in droves.

This is a terrific opportunity to show off a new product or feature. You know people can’t come to you, so bring it to them. Winemakers are doing it. Camera companies are doing it. And look at all the artists and musicians debuting new songs via live concerts from their homes. Take a cue from the creative folks and stage your own demo or product release.  

2) Keep it simple.

A clear, concise, sincere and simple message that addresses COVID-19 should be part of your approach.

A stellar example was Coke’s recent outdoor campaign. It showed the iconic scripted Coca-Cola logo in New York’s Times Square with the letters spaced out to a socially acceptable distance six feet apart (C-o-c-a - C-o-l-a).

Proving that you can make an important point and still keep the tone light.

3) Be human.

This crisis is as widespread as it gets. There aren’t many people who haven’t been affected in some meaningful way by the virus.

As a result, this crisis is deeply personal. Your message has to be personal, too. Be human. Saying something human is a start. Doing something human is even better.

Think of all the companies who are giving people a break right now. Insurance companies reducing premiums, car companies covering a few months of your new car payments if you’re out of work, etc.

This type of action is what creates a strong loyalty for brands. People appreciate the understanding. Wherever your product fits into the consumer’s life, see what you can do to help ease their pain. They’ll remember it, they’ll appreciate it and they’ll thank you for it. Reciprocity is a powerful force.

J&C can help you craft your message during the COVID-19 crisis. As a direct response marketing agency, J&C is experienced in motivating customers to act. With new customer behaviors and new consumer patterns developing, direct response channels and tactics should be built into your re-evaluated marketing strategies.

Contact me at dquigley@jacobsclevenger.com. I’ll show you how we’ve helped other companies like yours get through uncertain times.

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