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Live from Inbound 2015: It’s Jacobs and Clevenger!

Posted by Jessica Kumor on September 22, 2015

inbound 2015Inbound marketing. At Jacobs & Clevenger, it’s a way of life for our digital and content marketing teams, the heart of our demand and lead generation strategies, which is why we once again attended HubSpot’s Inbound marketing event. Calling Inbound 2015 a conference is too tame a word. From best-selling author Seth Godin to comedians Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer, the event was chock full of inspiring content and educational lessons for marketers and sales teams who want to move to the next step (whatever that may be).


So whether you were looking to better meet the needs of your customers, grow your business, learn about how to better use HubSpot’s suite of tools or enjoy the sweltering humid Boston weather, this was the event for you.


The heady combination of professional development and inspiring new ideas has led to its success, which is evident from attendee growth. HubSpot was certainly shouting from the roof that the Inbound event has grown from 10,000+ attendees in 2014 to a whopping 14,000+ in 2015. #Inbound15

I know, I know. You’re jealous. I’ve been jealous of attendees for years, finally getting my first ticket to Inbound just this year. And while I could go on about how much fun Inbound was, the insights and quick tricks I found interesting may be more useful to you.


3 Things I Learned at Inbound15 (In No Particular Order)


1. People remember 10% of what we share with them. Now — this statistic isn’t too surprising in itself. There are a lot of stats out there that say we all have the attention span of a peanut — maybe a wasabi pea, if you’re particularly spicy. However, the speaker Dr. Carmen Simon asked a very special question – one that not only do I remember, but I’ve internalized. Is your audience taking away the right 10%? Are we controlling that metaphorical 10% that they take away? What message are they remembering? Food for thought. Insight courtesy of: The Neuroscience of Memorable Content, speaker Dr. Carmen Simon.


2. Create workflows based on buyer personas. Unless you’re currently using HubSpot as your content management system, this tip may not be as applicable, but it does offer insight into how to categorize and create automated customer communications. Creating workflows or automatic customer paths based on an individual piece of content offers a more tailored approach than sending the same followup email to every customer, regardless of their interaction, which is great. But it creates a cluttered ecosystem on the back end. Instead, consider building out workflows or communications built on buyer persona and where an individual is in the funnel. This will streamline the process and offer up more data for analysis on the success of your ability to identify what stage in the buying process customers are in. Insight courtesy of: How to Supercharge your Marketing with Automation, speaker HubSpotter Stephanie Lussier.


3. Paid retargeting goes beyond platform selection. All too often we think of the platform first when determining if paid retargeting is a worthwhile venture for our clients. Are these potential customers using Twitter or are they more apt to engage on LinkedIn? It’s a worthwhile question to ask and helps determine the best platform for the campaign in question. A new strategy moves beyond that first step and asks marketers to create segmented lists of all the contact in their database, to use tracking pixels to find visitors to your website and develop “lookalike” audiences based on your existing audience to strategically extend reach. This path toward retargeting allows for brands to cultivate new customer leads who are more apt to engage with the brand. Insight courtesy of: How to Use Paid Retargeting to Nurture Leads, speaker Niti Shah.


You see, learning new things is fun. Jacobs & Clevenger has successfully leveraged the latest in demand and lead generation tactics to achieve client objectives and remains at the top of its game by taking the time to explore, learn and test new strategies. To discover other tactics that we’ve proven successful, check out our ebook, “22 Great Types of Content Marketing.”

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