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Martech Is Transforming Marketing Operations — Every Company Is Now A Tech Company

Posted by Ron Jacobs on April 1, 2020

From email marketing to automation, data analytics and innovative uses of artificial intelligence, marketing technologies are helping brands become stronger by engaging and communicating with their target audience on a whole new level.

Martech has been steadily growing in popularity and versatility in recent years, reaching an impressive 5,381 solutions this year, according to ChiefMartec.com. The figure marks a 40% increase from 2016 and translates into an average company using approximately 16 martech platforms on a regular basis.

Think about marketing projects as a bundle of tasks. Some can be automated; others can’t. So, automate the tasks that you can. Don’t worry about those that you can’t.

To appreciate the magnitude of martech’s diversity, the size of the 2018 landscape is equivalent to all of the marketing tech landscapes assembled from 2011 through 2016 added together:

Changes: For one thing, there’s no more category for Predictive Analytics.

It’s not that predictive analytics capabilities have vanished. On the contrary, due to the huge explosion of machine learning in marketing, predictive features have been added to hundreds of products.

In deciding not to have an Artificial Intelligence category — because AI is embedded in so many products across all martech categories — we realized that predictive analytics solutions would be better classified in the category of the capability they enabled (e.g., web analytics or sales intelligence).

The largest category — i.e., the category with the greatest number of vendors — this year was Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence with 490 solutions.

“Salestech” is on fire! So why keep the salestech category on the martech landscape? Because marketing and sales are deeply entwined — and only becoming more so.

It’s the same reason why Customer Experience, Service & Success are on the martech landscape too.

Together, marketing, sales and service are “the new marketing.” We could label the union of them “go-to-market” technology, “customer experience” technology, or digital transformation technology. All of those aptly describe the new reality of marketing.

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