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The Real Value of Direct Mail

Posted by Brian Jones on March 29, 2022

It’s hard to talk about direct mail right now without talking about COVID-19.

Over the last 24 months, we have gone through the near-normal… we are now in the new normal — and are starting to head into the next normal.

Looking back, we see that in 2020, US marketers spent less and mailed fewer pieces than the previous year, according to Winterberry Group.

Direct mail volume was down 18.1% in 2020, with 63.8 million pieces of direct marketing mail being sent.

Spending on direct mail, along with other forms of offline media, experienced a steep decrease in 2020, too — down 17.2% over 2019 to $34.9 billion. This is a continuation of a multi-year slide in volume, although 2020’s slide was steeper.

However... direct mail came roaring back in 2021

Yes, Direct Mail Came Roaring Back in 2021

In April 2021, year-over-year volume was up 56% and postal revenue jumped 61.2%. And we have continued to see that growth — with some bank and credit card marketers mailing like it is 1999.

In a time when marketers are more prone to exploring digital ways of reaching customers, direct mail is still effective. According to Winterberry, even during the pandemic, 18% of marketers saw a good or very good return on their marketing investment when they included direct mail in their marketing mix.

But Let's Be Clear — the Value of Direct Mail Is NOT Locked Up In Its Volume

No. Direct mail’s real value is in the unique benefits that direct mail offers brands, even in 2022. Direct mail still provides one of the highest returns on marketing investments — of any channel.

cheerful-senior-man-at-home-looking-at-his-mail-picture-id1144447630Direct mail delivers one of the highest ROMI of any marketing channel.

Plus, direct mail has a variety of formats from envelope packages to postcards to self-mailers. And direct mail breaks through the clutter. Rather than getting lost in the deluge of email, on-screen messages, or the cluttered, confined and competitive space of a mobile device.

Direct mail can also have a tactile feel, with soft-touch finish or a nubby finish to stimulate the sense of touch while it is being read. An experience that you cannot get with digital.

Direct mail has turned its focus on new audiences, too. While some marketers consider the digital native generation to be off-target or off strategy for direct mail, nothing could be further from the truth. Marketers are seeing success across several age groups.Untitled.001

In fact, many marketers consider direct mail to be their secret weapon.

If you aren't using direct mail in your marketing mix, it's time to try it. And we're happy to help. J&C has been providing direct marketing expertise to marketing professionals for almost 40 years. We create highly responsive direct mail campaigns that help generate improved response rates, more revenue, and better ROI. And it’s all done using our proven philosophy. Our mission is to shatter response rates for financial, insurance, and any other companies in the regulated and restricted products market.

To learn more, get in touch with J&C today.

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