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The Direct Mail Doctor examines offers

Direct marketing December 3, 2014

The Direct Mail Doctor’s virtual waiting room is filled. Patients from all over want to find a proven cure for their direct mail maladies.

But that’s no surprise; the good doctor is definitely on a roll. In his last article, he found the antidote for some sticky issues involving envelope messaging and formats.

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Believe it or not: True direct marketing oddities

Direct marketing November 19, 2014

Direct marketers are generally logical, process-driven people. They don’t like scares or surprises and tend to have a rationale explanation for anything that happens in the course of a campaign.

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The Direct Mail Doctor and the envelope wars

Direct marketing November 18, 2014

In his last article, the Direct Mail Doctor covered the power of personalization and the vital importance of the P.S.

But now, there are two new cases to contend with.

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The Direct Mail Doctor examines personalization

Direct marketing November 11, 2014

In his last article, the Direct Mail Doctor offered some healthy advice about the amount of information in direct mail letters and whether or not to include a response device.

But the good Doctor’s work is never done.

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The Direct Mail Doctor is in

Direct marketing November 4, 2014

Direct marketing certainly has its share of maladies. Sinking response rates, a lack of campaign cohesion and trying to stand out in a cluttered mailbox are all common symptoms.

Fortunately, the Direct Mail Doctor is keeping office hours and standing by with proven remedies. Here are some of the cases he is currently working on.

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The 10 Commandments of Direct Marketing, Part 2

Direct marketing October 28, 2014

Moses was not a marketer, but he clearly knew how to deliver a message. Those stone tablets would make anyone stop and pay attention.

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The 10 Commandments of Direct Marketing, Part 1

Direct marketing October 21, 2014

When you think of “The Ten Commandments,” what image springs to mind? For me, it’s always Charlton Heston, the classic Hollywood Moses. I can picture him now in those flowing robes, with that booming voice and more hair than any metal band. The man definitely had an intimidating presence.

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Secrets to building marketing momentum

Email Marketing, Direct marketing October 16, 2014

Most businesses have two kinds of customers: those who are actively using their products and those who are infrequently engaged.

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Creative Court: How to judge direct mail communications, Part 2

Direct marketing October 9, 2014

“Creative Court is back in session. All rise.”

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Have all communications channels stopped working?

Direct marketing October 8, 2014

I recently awoke after a long weekend to learn that many of the marketing tactics I have been recommending to clients no longer work. Had I awakened in some dystopian alternative universe? Was I in an episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone? Or was it all just a dream?

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