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How to generate almost 20,000 retail SMS subscribers in less than 20 days

Mobile July 15, 2013

Building a subscriber database is critical for all marketers who want to embark on an SMS/MMS campaign. According to Papimedia, 85% of people respond positively to SMS messages. Furthermore, one-third of consumers say they interact with a brand via text message on a regular basis.

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15 facts on the current state of mobile marketing

Mobile July 12, 2013

Mobile marketing is a topic that is generating a lot of buzz. In a recent study conducted on marketing trends, 65% of marketers said they plan to increase spend on mobile marketing this year. One of the things that makes mobile marketing so interesting is that comprises so many different sub-components. Mobile-optimized emails, mobile-designed web and landing pages, mobile advertising, SMS and MMS programs, and mobile apps are all part of the mobile marketing world.

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Mobile Device Screen Sizes Resource Guide

Mobile June 10, 2013

Clients often ask us, “How many different screen sizes do we need to accommodate when it comes to mobile optimization?” The simple answer is that there are programming techniques that can accommodate virtually any mobile device screen size.

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Responsive design drives the future of mobile

Mobile April 30, 2013

Chances are, you’re reading this blog on your mobile device. That means you’re in good company.

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