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9 insights for targeting and improving engagement with utility and energy business customers

Utility Industry March 11, 2014

Small and medium businesses are underserved by many utility and energy marketers. Large commercial and industrial businesses carry a significant load and often have face-to-face sales resources. Residential customers often have an abundance of resources and communications attention. But often utilities have a less defined plan and set of executional tactics for small and medium businesses. This often results in larger gaps in customer satisfaction and a lack of participation in utility and energy marketers’ programs.


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Content marketing is a big idea for utility and energy marketers

Utility Industry March 4, 2014

Many utilities are faced with a number of challenges. How do we get more customers to use our online tools for managing their bills, account information or understanding their energy usage? How do we educate and engage our customers in energy management? How do we engage customers to provide email addresses if they aren’t engaged with an online tool? How can we leverage communications to solidify our position in the marketplace?


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The attributes of a successful referral program

Utility Industry January 2, 2014

Marketers are searching for new ways to develop and execute referral programs. These programs are popular because they benefit everyone involved: Employers look smart and savvy by providing perks to their employees, and employees in turn benefit from participating. Referral programs are also perfect for any business that faces a tight budget and aggressive sales goals, since they can work without the support of a sales force.


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What makes award-winning work in utilities and energy marketing?

Utility Industry August 19, 2013

“Utilities campaigns do not win awards.”

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Why utility and energy marketers should use personalized URLs

Utility Industry July 12, 2013

Utility and energy marketers are constantly struggling to drive engagement in what has been historically a low-involvement category. Utility and energy companies are striving to evolve their marketing activities including the launch of new programs that require active customer participation. Marketing techniques that increase relevancy and drive conversions are getting utility and energy marketer’s attention.

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Is social CRM a good technique for utility and energy marketers?

Utility Industry June 25, 2013

Many utility marketers are leveraging social media to support their customer service, brand and customer satisfaction initiatives. Utilities may be trailblazers in leveraging social media for customer service. There is, however, an opportunity to evolve a utility’s social media strategy to be more proactive and help support other marketing objectives.


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7 Considerations for Utility and Energy Response Marketing

Utility Industry June 14, 2013

Marketing to utility and energy customers isn’t easy. For most consumers and businesses, utilities and energy providers exist behind the scenes. They only take notice when the lights or gas go out, or when the monthly bill arrives. If you’re in the industry, you recognize that low-involvement mind-set all too well.

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