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3 reasons to be thankful

Posted by Randy Mitchell on November 25, 2014

It’s almost Thanksgiving. What does that mean in your world?

For some families, it’s the pursuit of classic Norman Rockwell moments. Soft light, warm smiles, perfect hair. And most idyllic of all, no one ever argues.

For other families, Thanksgiving is a calorific bacchanalia that usually involves fasting before feasting. But when the food hits the table, grab all you can because the word “leftover” is considered profanity.

If I may, I would like to put a completely different spin on this great American holiday.

I would like to give my personal thanks for a few “professional blessings.” They have made life a little better for our clients, our agency and yours truly.

Thanks for content marketing
In college, I had two majors: Advertising and Journalism. As a result, I faced an extremely difficult decision when I left school. I could have worked as a reporter on a local newspaper or as a creative at an agency. Both options had pros and cons, but I chose the winding path of marketing. After that, I thought the journalist in me would slowly fade away. But over the last decade, the reverse has happened. The reason? Content marketing it demands a journalist’s skillset. Content marketing requires the perseverance to conduct deep-dive research on a topic, the talent to write in an informative, editorial style and the focus to shape a compelling story from disparate sources. It’s all quite challenging, but it can be very rewarding. It also answers a need almost every company has these days. That’s a reason to give thanks.

Thanks for new technologies
The two greatest traits any broadcast producer can possess are preparation and patience. The former trait makes immediate sense. The producer’s hardest work happens before the shoot or recording session ever takes place. He or she schedules sessions, hires crews, books talent and helps to plot out every facet of shooting, editing, animating, graphics development and audio recording. That’s why solid prep work always pays. The second trait may not seem as valuable, but patience is just as critical as preparation. Producers spend endless days in the studio or on the set bringing a project to life. You have to be focused, calm and extremely patient. But recently, things have changed for the better. New technologies have made shooting, recording, editing and animation more accessible and infinitely more streamlined. Our agency can now produce web videos in house, from storyboarding to recording in our studio to editing and animation. It’s a great asset for our clients. It has also done wonders for my patience. Thank you.

Thanks for our creative team
The creative team I work with is remarkable. They have to be. On any given day, we develop emails, eBooks, PURLs, websites, blogs, infographics, direct mail, videos, games and anything else that might surface. As you can imagine, you need to be smart, dedicated and extremely nimble. You also have to love a challenge. That’s why I feel truly fortunate to work with our group of creative, talented and helpful people. (Sorry if that got a little sentimental. But it is Thanksgiving.)

Finally, I have one last “thanks” to say and I’ve saved that for you.

Thank you for reading our blog articles this year. We have generated a great deal of interest and have explored many compelling topics. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we have. And, if you would like to continue on and learn more for 2015, register for our marketing innovation seminar.Marketing Innovation Seminar. New Techniques for 2015. Register now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a calorific bacchanalia to attend.

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