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5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing November 24, 2021

For brands, ramping up your social media presence may seem like a Herculean task. And it’s not easy… it takes strategy, planning and testing. You often have to throw a variety of posts at the wall and see what sticks. There’s no one way to do social media… it all depends on your brand, your goals and your audience.  

So, before you embark on your social media journey, here’s a roadmap to help guide you to the right strategy. 

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4 Useful Social Media Techniques for Insurance Companies

Digital Marketing, Insurance Marketing, Social Media Marketing January 31, 2020

Social media must play a role in any business’s marketing plan. But when it comes to insurance companies, it can be tricky to figure out how social media fits with your brand’s voice. Here are a few quick tips to help make your insurance company relevant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms.

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Patti Minglin on How to Reach Women Through Marketing

Direct Marketing, Podcast, Social Media Marketing June 27, 2019

Although women make up half the population, many companies still treat them as a niche in the marketing industry. In the second episode of J&See: Views on Marketing, Meg Goodman sits down with Patti Minglin. Patti is the founder and CEO of Go Girl Communications, a marketing agency that specializes in helping clients reach female customers. Patti and Meg discuss how to successfully market to (or as Patti would say, with) women — and the common mistakes you should avoid. Read on for a few excerpts from her insightful interview. And of course, make sure to subscribe to J&See: Views on Marketing to hear a compelling conversation like this once a month.

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How to build relationships with social media

Social Media Marketing February 17, 2016


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What Pride and Prejudice (and other classics) can teach marketers about social CRM

Social Media Marketing October 15, 2015

There are books that serve as guides for every life decision. Some people turn to Dickens for fortitude, to Wilde for a good laugh, to Poe for a scare. Marketers, too, can learn a great deal from the life stories of certain characters in fiction. Here are four lessons I’ve picked up from some of my favorite novels and how they can improve your social CRM.

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Producing value from user comments and community participation for social CRM

Social Media Marketing September 29, 2015

customer commentsI remember a time when Facebook, one of the early pioneers of social media, was exclusive to college students. But it didn’t take long for the company to realize its global influence and addictive pull. The students-only policy soon changed to include everyone: small and large businesses, community groups, your parents (gasp!) and even advertisers.

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Generate social buzz with influencers

Social Media Marketing July 10, 2013

It is no longer unusual for companies to be on social platforms to connect with online communities. Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) is a rapidly growing tool to continue business growth. Several active companies are using social to introduce products and ideas, contribute to industry-related conversations and communicate with customers. It is fairly simple to be involved, but more challenging to gain viral attention.

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Can social media be used for B2B lead nurturing?

Social Media Marketing July 9, 2013

Social media has become a critical channel for marketers. Three out of four marketers say that they are using social media. Social media has become a productive B2B channel for many marketers, with 43% of companies saying they have found a customer through LinkedIn.

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