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Retailer’s battle for share of wallet

Mobile October 15, 2014

It’s becoming more and more likely that the average retailer is going to be engaging in a battle for their share of the consumer’s wallet. Most industry experts agree that traditional brick-and-mortar retail is going to face nominal growth over the next 2 years, although specific sectors of retail such as online and active wear have a chance to see double digit growth.


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5 transformative trends in mobile marketing

Mobile August 27, 2014

Keeping tabs on most marketing trends is like an episode of CSI. Clues are subtle and often hidden from plain sight. No one is sure where the twisted trail is leading. And in the end, it takes an expert eye to decipher it all and take action.

On the flip side, there’s mobile marketing. This isn’t CSI, it’s reality TV. Big, loud and inescapable.

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Mobile wallets are a payment threat for financial institutions

Mobile, Financial Services, Email Marketing July 15, 2014

Consumers want mobile payments. Mobile wallet usage has been rising steadily among consumers. For many, it's more convenient than having to use cash or even a credit or debit card. Gartner estimates that mobile payment volume will nearly triple in the next three years.1 A mobile wallet lets a consumer choose between payment methods on the fly and the ability to control all of their payments through a single device. Banks and financial institutions’ marketing teams that want to take advantage of mobile payments and the mobile wallet trend will need to act fast to capture this growing segment of the market.


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10 Surprising Mobile Marketing Facts

Mobile May 7, 2014

Mobile marketing is becoming a must in most marketers’ plans. Look around you in the world today, and it’s clear that cell phones, smartphones and other mobile devices are everywhere. Mobile marketing has become vitally important to companies in all industries. These mobile marketing facts and stats will inspire you to take mobile marketing to the next level.


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10 Amazing SMS Marketing Facts and Stats

Mobile, SMS Marketing April 9, 2014

SMS marketing continues to validate its place as an effective channel. SMS marketing statistics and facts demonstrate that mobile marketing is an effective channel to engage and deliver a measurable, positive return on investment. Here is a collection of 10 SMS marketing statistics that reinforce the fact that SMS marketing is a key channel marketers need to consider in their mix. 

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Customer Adoption Goes Mobile

Mobile January 23, 2014

Look around you. If you’re in a crowded area, it’s not unlikely that most of the people within view are using their mobile phones in some way. In the last few years, mobile phones have evolved dramatically to include services that go well beyond the devices’ original purpose.


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10 things you’ll learn by attending J&C’s SMS marketing workshop

Mobile August 19, 2013

SMS marketing is becoming a go-to channel for many marketers. Yet we often hear marketers discuss how their organizations haven’t fully developed their SMS marketing strategy. Is everyone in your organization in alignment with their expectations for SMS marketing? Do you feel your SMS marketing objective fits into 160 characters? Do you know where to get started with a SMS strategy or how to evolve your SMS marketing activities?


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Retail and SMS marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly

Mobile July 22, 2013

Many retailers have begun to leverage mobile marketing. SMS/MMS marketing is one of the most common forms of mobile marketing that retailers are using.

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7 considerations for where to get started with mobile marketing

Mobile July 17, 2013

Mobile marketing has so many facets. I often wonder if it might be difficult at times for marketers to know where to get started. Mobile-optimized emails, mobile-designed web and landing pages, mobile advertising, SMS/MMS programs, mobile search and mobile apps are considerations for marketers.

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A third of marketers admit to not having a mobile strategy

Mobile July 16, 2013

According to a study J&C recently conducted, we found that 1/3 of marketers admitted to not having a defined strategy for mobile. Mobile marketing is a category that has a number of different sub-components. It includes mobile-optimized emails, mobile-designed web and landing pages, mobile advertising, SMS and MMS programs, and mobile apps.

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