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5 Energy Marketing Examples I Can’t Stop Admiring

Utility Industry April 26, 2017

The U.S. utility and energy sector is in the middle of a rapid transformation due to smart technology and distribution generation, increased data and more empowered customers.

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Top 7 Utility Social Media Accounts to Follow

Utility Industry March 7, 2017

Love it or hate it, social media has taken a lead role in utility communications.

Utility social media accounts represent a fast, nimble communication channel, able to transform utilities from slow-moving, reactive behemoths to proactive, responsive communicators.

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How content can help utilities reach the right customer

Utility Industry February 9, 2016

Tailoring effective marketing communications for basic things that customers need, versus things that they might want, has always been a challenge. Take energy, for example. The electricity and gas services that Utility A provides don’t work any better or worse than those of Utility B, so customers have traditionally not cared who they got them from.


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5 Types of Content Marketing to Drive Greater Engagement for Utilities

Utility Industry June 2, 2015

Do different types of content lead to different types of engagement? You bet they do. Not every piece of content is created equal, and they shouldn’t be.

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5 Attributes of Successful Utility Content

Utility Industry February 26, 2015

Successful content marketing starts with a plan, strategy and a deliberate set of actions. However, many
companies report that they don’t have a defined plan for content marketing. Effective content marketing for utilities is driven by frequent posting to blog sites about topics that are keyword-driven and centered on issues that interest both business and residential utility customers. Utility marketing should also take advantage of social media as an additional channel for reaching customers with content that casts the utility as a thought leader.


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Greening Trends Impacting the Utility Industry

Utility Industry February 3, 2015

Greening trends continue to have a dominant impact on utilities. A recent study on greening and sustainability revealed that over 60% of Americans keep up on energy efficiency and similar issues, and consider themselves knowledgeable on the topic.1 Many utility marketing organizations are focused on supporting energy efficiency initiatives and determining what role greening trends should play. This article explores some of the top greening trends and considerations for utility marketing communications.


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Transforming a utility’s brand to a thought leadership

Utility Industry January 29, 2015

Energy costs, rate plans and customer service will always be important to utility customers and a critical component of utility marketing communications. However, the expectation for utilities to be an authority and thought leader seems to be increasing. According to ResearchScape, a 2013 survey indicated that almost one-quarter of those surveyed would switch to a new energy company if it provided expert advice on how to reduce energy costs.1 The only issues that ranked higher in this study than the utility’s role as an authority were the basics of cost, rate plans and personalized customer support.


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Examples of Utility Content That Have Social Media Value

Utility Industry December 18, 2014

Fast Company1 has published the numbers: Social media is the No. 1 activity on the Internet. Even though social media continues to grow in importance, many utilities are still struggling with the best role for it within their marketing mix. It’s difficult for many utilities to make the connections that will engage customers. Social media for utilities is often limited to notifying customers of outages or potential weather patterns and general corporate information. While that’s a good start, utilities can capitalize on customers’ innate interest in useful, practical and even educational information. This is, after all, the Information Age, and users’ desire for self-serve solutions aligns to content marketing.


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6 Reasons Content Marketing Should Be Utilities' Strategy for Improving Brand Perceptions

Utility Industry December 11, 2014

The purpose of any marketing game is creating a brand that promises a great experience for the consumer. This was a complicated task even in the heyday of traditional marketing, such as telemarketing, print and television ads. In the current climate, however, it's even more difficult for a utility to get its message in front of consumers, let alone try to build a brand. With Mashable1 reporting 200 million people registered to "No Call" lists and 86% of people skipping TV ads, marketers are left wondering if they’re wasting marketing budget dollars when using traditional communication techniques.

This shift in consumer habits is the reason that digital marketing and content marketing for utilities is emerging as an effective utility marketing tool. According to the Content Marketing Institute2, 86 % of successful marketing departments understand content marketing's value for branding enough to have someone in charge of content marketing strategy. If you're still not sure that content marketing for utilities is the right approach for improving your utility's brand perception, here are a few ways the strategy has already proven successful.

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How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Social Media Followers

Utility Industry December 10, 2014

Forbes recently reported that over 80% of those surveyed admit that friends’ social media posts directly influence their purchasing decisions.1 Social media continues to grow, evolve and alter how consumers and businesses make decisions. Many utilities are evolving their social media strategy to ensure these channels cultivate relationships and generate more followers.


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