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5 Energy Marketing Examples I Can’t Stop Admiring

Utility Industry April 26, 2017

The U.S. utility and energy sector is in the middle of a rapid transformation due to smart technology and distribution generation, increased data and more empowered customers.

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Top 7 Utility Social Media Accounts to Follow

Utility Industry March 7, 2017

Love it or hate it, social media has taken a lead role in utility communications.

Utility social media accounts represent a fast, nimble communication channel, able to transform utilities from slow-moving, reactive behemoths to proactive, responsive communicators.

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How content can help utilities reach the right customer

Utility Industry February 9, 2016

Tailoring effective marketing communications for basic things that customers need, versus things that they might want, has always been a challenge. Take energy, for example. The electricity and gas services that Utility A provides don’t work any better or worse than those of Utility B, so customers have traditionally not cared who they got them from.


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Award-winning utilities and energy marketing

Utility Industry July 20, 2015

Some marketing awards shows are based on style points. They’re a magnet for multimillion-dollar TV spots and big household brands.

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5 Types of Content Marketing to Drive Greater Engagement for Utilities

Utility Industry June 2, 2015

Do different types of content lead to different types of engagement? You bet they do. Not every piece of content is created equal, and they shouldn’t be.

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Establish your utility as an industry expert with support from content marketing

Utility Industry April 21, 2015

There is one question that continually dogs utility marketers: How can we establish ourselves as an industry thought leader for energy information?

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How one utility launched a successful content marketing program

Utility Industry April 14, 2015

One utility in California recently drove thousands of views to its website, invigorated interest in energy management and rose to the top of search engine rankings in just four months. How? Content marketing.

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Energy efficiency content marketing topics for utility marketers

Utility Industry March 31, 2015

Utility marketers face a unique challenge in that they generally must work harder than other industries to engage small and medium-sized business customers. These business owners and managers are focused on their own daily operations and tend to forget about their utility services until a problem arises or a bill arrives. As a result, they often miss out on programs that can help them manage their energy and optimize efficiencies.

For utility marketers, envisioning a campaign for services that people can neither see nor touch can be difficult. But it is doable and the results can be impressive with a little support from content marketing.

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5 Attributes of Successful Utility Content

Content Marketing, Utility Industry February 26, 2015

Successful content marketing starts with a plan, strategy and a deliberate set of actions. However, many
companies report that they don’t have a defined plan for content marketing. Effective content marketing for utilities is driven by frequent posting to blog sites about topics that are keyword-driven and centered on issues that interest both business and residential utility customers. Utility marketing should also take advantage of social media as an additional channel for reaching customers with content that casts the utility as a thought leader.


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3 key findings to help utilities market successfully to small and medium-sized businesses

Utility Industry February 5, 2015

The same questions are posed over and over at utilities and energy providers across the country. You can hear them in conference rooms, on status calls and in offices as energy marketers struggle with similar challenges.

“How can we get our small and medium business customers engaged?”

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