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4 Useful Social Media Techniques for Insurance Companies

Posted by Emily Hegland on January 31, 2020

Social media must play a role in any business’s marketing plan. But when it comes to insurance companies, it can be tricky to figure out how social media fits with your brand’s voice. Here are a few quick tips to help make your insurance company relevant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms.

Educate your audience through quality content

Create sharable content that’s informative — not just promotional. Consumers want you to educate them on how to protect their assets. So, think of your social media channels as a place to share this useful information with your customers. For example, you can link to a list of tips on how to prepare for an emergency or things to think about before buying your first car. Whether a current customer or a prospect sees this content, it establishes your brand as a resource for help with important life decisions.

You can also create striking visual content. Try a flowchart of how to submit a claim or an infographic showing the statistics of home break-ins. These are perfect for Twitter or Instagram — they’re easy to read and they catch your eye while scrolling. Short video clips are also effective on these platforms. Consider producing short videos that go over how to change a tire or how to choose a life insurance policy. This drives exposure and keeps your brand top of mind among followers.

Encourage trust in your company with charitable support

Use your social media channels to demonstrate your brand’s values. You can align yourself with a community, a cause or a charitable organization. Take Farmers Insurance as an example. They employ social media channels to support important causes, like Autism Awareness and the American Red Cross. When you use your platform to promote charities, you get to use your brand’s voice for a greater cause. Plus, it has the added benefit of showing your brand gives back to the community — which in turn, foments trust among consumers for your brand.

Provide an avenue for customer service

Social media provides a way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. These days, customers are quick to tweet their complaints to companies if something goes wrong. This makes social media a new avenue for customer service. So, how do you use social media to address customers concerns?

Look to Allstate as an example of how to do this successfully. Allstate operates a separate account (@Allstatecares) dedicated to providing customer service on Twitter. Customers can directly connect with a company without going through the traditional customer service channels. By doing this, you can build and maintain relationships with customers by resolving their problems and sharing customer success stories.

Monitor your brand with social listening

Every business today should use social listening as a tool for improvement. Social listening involves monitoring your brand's social media channels for customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand. You can keep track of what your audience is talking about — and more importantly, what they care about. That helps you create targeted content that will resonate with your followers.

You can also track what your competitors are doing. Keep an eye on discussions regarding specific keywords or topics to stay on top of what’s relevant to the insurance industry and what other major players are doing. There are plenty of social media and web monitoring tools (like Awario or Mention) that help you make sense of this data to gain insights and act on these opportunities.

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