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It’s Quarantine Time — The Perfect Time to Revisit Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by David Quigley on April 23, 2020

They say we’re all in this crisis together. That is true. But what we do with this time is what will separate “us” from “them” when things calm down.

That’s why, during these surreal times, smart marketers are taking a long, hard look at their marketing strategies. They’re making adjustments and changes now.

Because these marketers know that customers’ attitudes and behaviors are changing. And this “change” may very well be our glimpse of life in the new normal. 

Remember way back when... before COVID-19? Life revolved around going to work, to the grocery store, to the mall, to the gym, out to eat, school, even a movie... and now, during quarantine, we've all adapted to working, shopping, exercising, watching movies and learning at home.

So, what should we expect after COVID-19?

One scenario is that all these digital experiences will become the norm and replace many of our in-person experiences. They will, in essence, become our default.

That’s why marketers need to prepare now. In order to meet the consumer’s needs (wherever they are and however they engage with us), marketers may need to connect with customers in non-traditional ways. Don't expect them to return to the same places you found them before.

J&C can help you prepare for the post-COVID-19 world. As a direct response marketing agency, J&C is experienced in motivating customers to act. With new customer behaviors and new consumer patterns developing, direct response channels and tactics should be built into your re-evaluated marketing strategies.

Contact me at dquigley@jacobsclevenger.com. I’ll show you how we’ve helped other companies like yours get through uncertain times.

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