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Duck tape your content marketing

CMO August 19, 2014

The origins of duck tape (or duct tape as some call it) date back to World War II. The tape was originally developed by Johnson & Johnson to seal ammunition boxes. Soldiers needed a way to seal ammunition cases against moisture. The tape was required to be ripped by hand, not cut with scissors. It was easy to apply and remove, and was soon adapted to repair military equipment quickly, including vehicles and weapons. This tape, colored in Army standard olive matte drab, was nicknamed “duck tape” by the soldiers.

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The CMO’s Guide to bionic leads

CMO July 23, 2014

If you’ve ever experienced late-night television, where they replay old shows from the ‘70s through the ‘90s, perhaps you’ll recall “The Six Million Dollar Man.” It was a story based on an astronaut who was injured in an accident and the subsequent $6 million operation to replace both of his legs, his right arm and his left eye all with state-of-the-art bionics. The implants enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms: He can run at speeds of 60 mph, his eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities, and his bionic limbs all have super-human power. Oddly enough, while watching, I started thinking about lead generation techniques. That’s right, “bionic” leads.

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Marketing executives, the first 90 days can make or break you

CMO June 3, 2014

So, you are now the executive in charge of marketing for the company. Take heart, the average tenure for a CMO is 45 months – good news, right? But, while tenure has been lengthening over the past four years, many marketing executives say the pressure has greatly intensified. Companies now have different expectations of what marketing can do. There are new channels to consider, and everything has to be more measurable, more targeted and more effective. Marketing executives have to prove their work has a real impact on driving the business. Unless they can prove marketing is delivering and clearly showing ROI, budgets are inevitably going to be cut, and possibly positions, too.

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Direct marketing FAQs: The questions should start the conversations

Direct marketing May 21, 2014

Working in new business development for a direct marketing agency, I have the pleasure of receiving many weekly inquiries regarding our services. Quite honestly, I am starting to think that there must be a book out there titled, The most general and vague questions to ask a direct marketing agency.

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Do you have a marketing agency scorecard? Marketers should consider agency expertise in addition to industry experience and many other factors.

CMO April 30, 2014

Marketers traditionally have looked for marketing agencies with previous experience in their industry. The old way of thinking was that there would not be a learning curve to accommodate. Those small, yet ever so important, nuances pertaining to the industry were already understood. Most of all, the industry experience meant that the agency knew how things were traditionally done. The way all the players in the industry do things. Anyone see the underlying problem here?

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A few questions marketers should ask themselves when looking for a marketing agency

CMO April 24, 2014

So, you’ve decided to look for a marketing agency; but before you start contacting anyone, make sure you can answer these important questions. What are your goals/objectives? What type of services are you looking for? What is the timeframe for your marketing needs? What is your marketing budget? If you can’t answer these important questions, you may be wasting your (and a lot of other people’s) time.

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4 steps for developing a pay for performance agreement

CMO April 15, 2014

If your marketing agency is not offering a pay for performance type of agreement yet, it is inevitable; wouldn’t you prefer to be ahead of the curve?

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Pay for performance: another scary urban legend

CMO April 8, 2014

Remember when you were a kid and were told about the boogey man, or any of the other urban legend stories that incited fear the first time you heard them? When you got older, you realized that the boogey man wasn’t scary after all. You started to understand that urban legends were just stories and that once you applied logic and looked a little deeper, being afraid seemed a bit silly. Pay for performance is a lot like that.

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Are the majority of marketers poker players?

CMO January 27, 2014

Having worked for various marketing agencies over the last 16 years, I’ve had my fair share of RFPs, pitches and negotiation situations. Most of the time it feels like we’re in a poker tournament. Everyone is keeping their cards close to their vest, odds are vetted, bets are placed and the tournament is on. Who’s in contention, who’s got the nuts, who’s got the rags and who is just plain-out bluffing?

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Do your marketing communications have the “ER”? 3 tactics for getting greatER results and strongER results.

CMO January 9, 2014

Let me start by saying the “ER” is not a reference to an emergency room or some type of crazy condition. Rather, I am referring to the small suffix that you can add to a root word to improve the meaning. For example, your marketing communications are smart, but they could be smartER. Your response is strong but could it be strongER. You get my meaning.

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