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Reimagining Business in 2022: It's about Resilience, Relevance and Refocus [page2022 Keynote]

Posted by Ron Jacobs on January 14, 2022

On February 1, Ron Jacobs will be one of the keynote speakers for the page2022 conference, an annual event hosted by JAGAT, the Japanese Association of Graphic Arts Technology. The presentation is titled Reimagining Business in 2022: It's about Resilience, Relevance and Refocus.

The keynote presentation focuses on decisions that printing company managements, agency managements and marketing managers will need to make in the coming years to keep up with the way that prospects and customers are changing, and the new ways that your clients are going to market.

Every attendee has shown resilience, just to get through the last two years of Covid-19. The keynote addresses some ways that they can refocus their efforts, to remain relevant and help their businesses to thrive in the future.

Click the button below to sign up for the conference (note: the conference is in Japanese but Ron's presentation is in English). And keep reading to learn more about the keynote. 

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Here's a preview of Reimagining Business in 2022: It's about Resilience, Relevance and Refocus.

First, Ron will address how Covid-19 continues to affect businesses. With the Delta, Omicron and future variants, Covid is not going away and businesses will have to keep adjusting and iterating over the next few years.

He'll cover key 2022 business and marketing trends that marketers should include in their planning for this year and next. For example, hybrid work and hybrid events will continue for the coming years. There will be changes in populations and the workforce, as older people retire and fewer young people have families. In countries like Japan, there aren’t enough workers to do all of the jobs available now. It will be more difficult in the future.

Ron will address personalization, explain data-driven creative and how it is used to gain customer action. Personalization is no longer dependent on demographics or Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Personalization has become relevant because it focuses on actionable insights based on prospect and customer behavior, context and the stage of the customer’s journey.

He goes on to talk about marketing and printing technologies, like digital workflow solutions, marketing automation tools, inline printing and Inkjet printing that are changing how marketing is executed for both large and small brands. There are examples and case studies of digital direct mail included that illustrate how direct mail is now one of the most digital channels available for marketing communications.

Lastly, Ron will cover how artificial intelligence, no code or low code programming and other technologies are making marketing more efficient. These technologies are not taking jobs away from people. AI and other technology works best when paired with human intelligence to reduce repetitive work, automate complex tasks, make people more efficient and control the output of machines.

That’s the future that lies ahead for marketers. 

Tune in to the conference to hear more. 

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