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The top 6 downloads of 2014

Posted by Michelle Keefe on January 8, 2015

Over the last year, new developments in technology and new methods of marketing have changed the game for many marketers. Jacobs & Clevenger followed and closely studied the trends in all areas of marketing, and used our findings to create resource materials that many in the industry found compelling. These ebooks and guides helped dispel a lot of the uncertainty that came with the changes.

This article highlights our top six downloads of 2014. The free downloads include a marketing kit and plenty more. Share some of the thought leadership from the past year by clicking on the links within each featured download.

Direct Mail Best Practices ebook
The rules of direct marketing are not always so direct. A lot can be done by marketers to optimize their direct mail efforts and achieve maximum campaign performance. That’s why we put together this comprehensive ebook about direct mail. Inside you’ll find information-rich tips and techniques on creating content that generates action.

Direct mail still has a place in marketing, despite advances in mobile and web marketing. The direct mail examples in this ebook showcase top-performing letters across a number of different industries. 

How to Optimize Landing Pages and PURLs ebook
A solid marketing plan uses several platforms to spread a message. Having a website is a good start, but there’s a better way to gain traction and appeal to customers and prospects alike. The key to optimizing your online presence lies in personalization. This ebook shows marketers how they can employ techniques that deliver a significant lift in click-throughs and engagement.

J&C’s How to Optimize Landing Pages and PURLs ebook also offers tips on how to build effective landing pages, how to structure the layout of the pages and how to incorporate social media outreach into your landing pages. 

First 90 Days Marketing Kit
This marketing kit is designed to help new chief marketing officers (CMOs) formulate a successful marketing plan. The pressure on CMOs to deliver measurable campaign results can be great, but this kit offers a compendium of information to help them out, including an ebook, a scorecard to evaluate their marketing performance and a series of industry guides, studies and articles on timely topics.

The free download is a great starting point for any marketer looking to plan and launch a successful marketing campaign. To access all the items included in the First 90 Days Marketing Kit, click here.

Transforming B2B social media into social CRM ebook
Social media has changed the way people shop. It’s done wonders for marketing outreach. By now, most companies have their own LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and more and more brands are jumping on the blog bandwagon.

This free ebook helps you gain a better understanding of social CRM and lists facts and stats on the current state of social media. You’ll also find out ways to measure the success of your social CRM efforts, and how to transition your current marketing communications into more social media-friendly language. 

22 Great Types of Content Marketing handbook
Content marketing provides customers with information they’re looking for. This information should include valuable, product-specific facts and statistics. But this doesn’t mean that the marketing materials have to be dry and to the point. Marketers can still have fun with content, as long as their message communicates the benefits of a brand.

. Content marketing can go in several directions, offering up content in the form of checklists, interactive tools, infographics, blog articles and more. 

62 Email Benchmarks, Statistics and Facts ebook
The surprising and informative facts you’ll find in this ebook prove just how influential email marketing can be to a campaign’s success. For example, by 2016, it’s projected that there will be 4.3 billion email addresses. Increasingly, email is being used for more than just personal communications.
Register now to get your personalized one-on-one session. This ebook covers a lot of ground and explains how marketers can improve email performance by making email available across multiple platforms. It also covers the expected revenue per email and other performance statistics and challenges. Email marketing continues to grow and evolve. 

J&C’s top six downloads of 2014 represent just a sliver of the work we’ve done this year. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, or need help evaluating your own marketing performance, contact us!. 

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