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5 Marketing Podcasts You Should Download Today

Posted by Emily Hegland on March 28, 2019

Audio-only storytelling isn’t a new phenomenon. From radio dramas like 1930’s War of the Worlds to FDR’s fireside chats, we’ve been tuning in for over a century. But podcasts changed the game for the 21st century. With free content available on-demand, it’s no wonder this form has exploded in popularity over the past few years.

Now, podcasting has cemented its place in culture as an essential form of education and entertainment. But like streaming TV, the endless podcast options can be overwhelming. Rest assured, though, there’s a show for every niche. That’s why at J&C, we tune in to podcasts for actionable marketing advice and noteworthy advertising stories.

Here’s a short roundup of our favorite marketing podcasts out there:

  1. Marketing IQ

Created by Milwaukee-based agency Boelter + Lincoln, Marketing IQ covers trending marketing topics with Wisconsin business owners and topic experts. Hosts Ken and Sam invite local guests to talk about everything from how to run social media platforms for The Brewers to successful event marketing for festivals. Plus, each episode is around fifteen minutes — so it’s perfect for a quick commute. The local angle makes this one particularly interesting, with guests from the Pabst Brewery and beyond.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing

For great guest interviews about big ideas and useful advice, look no further than Duct Tape Marketing. Small business expert John Jantsch interviews influential authors, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. The vast archive of episodes means you can go down a rabbit hole, with topics like how to lead a creative team or what local businesses need to know about SEO. It’s easy to find something that applies to your position — whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive or a creative.

  1. Marketing Over Coffee

Hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn discuss marketing methods in a casual coffee shop conversation. Sit back, sip from your mug and listen in as they talk all things marketing. Among their topics: successful multivariant testing, “old school” marketing methods and the latest trends in social media.  The conversational style makes it feel like you’re listening to old pals. 

  1. Two-Minute Marketing

CMO Eytan Buchman gleans fascinating insights from tech marketing “heroes". He has a knack for pulling out the most important kernels of information from each of his interviews and distilling them into bite-sized, actionable tips that any marketer can apply. The episodes may not be exactly two minutes, but they typically clock in at under ten. This one is a go-to for quick bits of advice.

  1. J&SEE: Views on Marketing

Stay tuned… This month, J&C is excited to announce the launch of our own podcast. Hosted by VP & Managing Director Meg Goodman, J&SEE tackles topical marketing issues from our unique perspective as a small, independently owned Chicago agency. We examine how everyone is a marketer in some way. Subscribe for thought-provoking interviews with marketing mavens from around the globe and in-house experts alike. Plus, we may even go outside the lines, too… just because we can.


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