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Is Curated Content a Quick Fix for Your Business?

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing June 7, 2016

Publishing multiple pieces of content weekly is the cornerstone of an effective inbound marketing program. Yet maintaining a consistent stream of content can be a challenge. Many marketers are looking for alternatives to generating original content. Curated content is one approach marketers are exploring. Marketers are often debating whether their organization should be considering curated versus original content.


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Tailoring communications with digital behavior and marketing automation

Inbound Marketing May 28, 2015

Behavioral data can be used to reengage prospects and customers, increase brand familiarity and drive conversions. Companies can target and customize messaging to increase the likelihood of users returning and reengaging by applying customer data to increase relevancy. Customer behaviors can be tracked through marketing automation and can be leveraged to meet a number of goals.


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How utilities are under-engaging with their customers

Inbound Marketing May 22, 2015

According to a survey conducted by Accenture, only 18% of utility customers feel satisfied with the experience their utility is offering them.1 Given that number, it’s understandable that many utilities are constantly considering the best strategies to engage their customers.


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Leveraging utility website traffic

Inbound Marketing May 19, 2015

When it comes to utility marketing goals, driving traffic is often near the top of the list, along with engaging customers and improving the customer experience. Increasing traffic is a reasonable goal, but don’t overlook the value of leveraging existing website traffic. According to Market Place, the average utility has 50% of consumers paying bills online.1 Consider if roughly 50% of your customers are paying their utility bills online, at least that many are regularly online and interacting with your website. In reality, the actual number of unique visitors is likely higher, as some customers might be visiting the website to report an outage, check out a rate plan, or get information on an energy efficiency program. That’s a pretty significant amount of traffic that doesn’t need to be generated – it is already available for engagement.


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How digital marketing has changed CRM

Digital marketing has changed all aspects of customer and business interactions, including customer relationship management. A company’s website presence and content marketing are a foundation to most digital marketing programs. Content marketing in particular is often seen as a way to drive conversions; it can also be used as a way to develop customer engagement and improve customer retention.

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What Role Can Content Play in CRM?

CMO April 23, 2015

Many companies use content marketing as a lead generation strategy. However, content can also be used to develop and support customer relationships. Engaging customers throughout their journey is essential to building engagement and customer lifetime value. Content focused on supporting key stages in the customer journey can deliver value and provide key engagement points.

Lead generation versus customer relationship management
Lead generation is all about customer acquisition, whereas customer relationship management is about engagement across the customer lifecycle. Effective customer relationship management can bolster customer lifetime value and increase customer retention rates. Customer retention rates are a metric that can be influenced and it’s a proven fact that retaining a customer is less expensive than acquiring one.1 Despite this, about half of companies focus on retention compared to companies that focus on acquisition.2 A carefully constructed content marketing program can allow a company to focus on customer retention and customer acquisition, thereby stretching marketing dollars further.

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How inbound marketing content can be used for CRM

Digital Marketing April 7, 2015

Inbound marketing is more than just a lead generation technique. Marketers can leverage the power of a customer's needs, interests and behaviors by leveraging inbound marketing to create, transform and develop a meaningful customer relationship marketing program (CRM). In turn, customer relationships can be used to improve conversion rates, build brands and increase customer retention, all of which will improve a company's bottom line.


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3 Categories of Content That Support Utility Billing

Digital Marketing April 2, 2015

For many customers, billing is one of the central interaction points with their utility. Customers not only want to understand their utility bill but try to actively influence it. Billing questions can sometimes emanate from line items that seem confusing or which costs can be impacted. Different rate options can sometimes be confusing to customers as well, and they don’t always understand the nuances of different plans.


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2015 Marketing Strategies Based on 11 Retail Trends from the 2014 Holiday Season

Email Marketing March 26, 2015

Marketers often spend months dissecting the results of their holiday retail marketing efforts to ascertain how to refine the next holiday season's marketing plans for greater impact. Those who are studying the results of the 2014 holiday retail season are uncovering some insights that could have a tremendous impact on their plans for 2015.


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Has Digital Marketing Made Marketers Too Impatient?

Digital Marketing March 24, 2015

Digital marketing moves very quickly and performance metrics are more immediately available than many traditional communication techniques. Immediate accessibility to performance metrics doesn't necessarily translate to immediate results.


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