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Resolve to make 2015 the year of marketing success

CMO January 27, 2015

Many of the resolutions we make for ourselves at the beginning of the new year can be adopted at work. Our job as marketers regularly requires us to start with a clean slate and be clear, accommodating and successful in helping others make (and save) money.

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The top 6 downloads of 2014

CMO January 8, 2015

Over the last year, new developments in technology and new methods of marketing have changed the game for many marketers. Jacobs & Clevenger followed and closely studied the trends in all areas of marketing, and used our findings to create resource materials that many in the industry found compelling. These ebooks and guides helped dispel a lot of the uncertainty that came with the changes.

This article highlights our top six downloads of 2014. The free downloads include a marketing kit and plenty more. Share some of the thought leadership from the past year by clicking on the links within each featured download.

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5 ways to step up your brand’s online visibility to increase site traffic

Inbound Marketing, Direct Marketing September 17, 2014

Here’s a tough pill to swallow: Your brand does not exist unless it has presence.

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Copy and content: What’s the difference, and can they work in harmony?

Direct Marketing August 13, 2014

Reading through a direct response campaign, a consumer likely won’t notice the differences between copy and content. It’s all writing, and it’s all trying to pitch a product. But a copywriter knows that one cannot succeed without the other. The differences between the two might be slight, but they’re worth exploring, especially if you’re trying to establish marketing goals for a successful direct marketing campaign.


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How to drive response with the right messaging tone

Direct Marketing July 29, 2014

Marketers have the ability to drive response by employing a certain tone to support their objective. Often, the product or service being sold determines the tone. A billboard featuring an energy drink will likely communicate its message in a spirited tone, while a PSA might take on a more serious one.

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