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DM vs. Digital

Posted by Brian Jones on February 24, 2023

Direct mail has been around for centuries...

But with the rise of digital ads, email, etc., it has been deemed "old hat" by some. Yet, there are still several advantages that direct mail has — and will always have — over today’s technology that make it a worthwhile investment for businesses in 2023.

Here are the top three reasons direct mail is the best place to put your marketing dollar right now:

1. Personalization

Personalization is key in any marketing campaign, and direct mail offers more opportunities for personalization than almost any other channel. With direct mail, you can now use variable data printing to create customized letters, postcards, and brochures that are tailored to each recipient. For example, you can include the recipient'soct image 5 name, address, and other relevant information on the piece, making it feel like it was created just for them. Plus, you can include a handwritten note or signature to further personalize the piece, making it feel like it was sent directly from you or a member of your team. This deep level of personalization is not possible with digital ads, where the consumer is more likely to feel like they are receiving a mass-produced, cookie-cutter message.

2. Physicality

Direct mail has a physical presence that email and digital simply cannot match. A well-designed piece of direct header-work-ama-1mail is something that people can hold onto and keep for reference. It can be displayed on a bulletin board or refrigerator, making it more likely to be seen and remembered.

Direct mail also has a tangible feel that email and online ads do not have. People are more likely to pay attention to a piece of direct mail because it feels more substantial and less ephemeral than a screen-based message.

3. Impact

Direct mail has a greater impact than email or digital because it requires more care and effort to create and distribute. It's psychological (think reciprocity). The time and effort that goes into creating a direct mail piece shows the recipient that you are serious about your message and that you value their business. Plus, because direct mail is now less common than email, it is more likely to stand out to the recipient and get their attention.

"With direct mail, you can use variable data printing to

create customized letters, postcards, and brochures that are

tailored to each recipient"

While email and digital ads are certainly a convenient and efficient way to communicate, direct mail still has several advantages. Direct mail is more personal, has a physical presence, and has a greater impact on theData Driven Marketing ROI recipient. These advantages make direct mail an excellent investment in 2023 for businesses that want to stand out and make a lasting impression on their customers.

Whether you're promoting a new product, running a lead gen campaign, launching a sale, or simply keeping in touch with your customers, direct mail is a smart choice.

Ok, there's a lot here. But the trend is real. If you need help with your next direct mail campaign, let us know. Or maybe you’re looking to improve a campaign you’re already running. Well, J&C has over 40 years of direct response experience and would be happy to learn more about your company and your objectives. Contact J&C today. That way, we can give you an honest assessment of how direct mail can work for you.

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