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Why integrated retail is blurring the (on and off) lines

CMO October 23, 2014

Twenty years ago there was a real fear among many traditional retailers that the Internet was going to mean the end for brick-and-mortar stores. And clearly that fear was well founded for some retailers who have fallen by the wayside as pure-pay giants like Amazon revolutionized the shopping experience.


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Marketing buzzwords 2014

CMO September 18, 2014

I love foreign films, but I’m not a big fan of subtitles. They’re sort of the necessary evil that accompanies an evening of Kurosawa, Fellini or Bergman.

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4 email marketing tips for online/offline retailers

CMO September 16, 2014

Buy a jacket online and pick it up in the store. Use your tablet to price a new tennis racquet. Take advantage of retail website flash sales.

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3 supporting roles that video plays in content marketing

CMO September 2, 2014

Not all that long ago, if someone mentioned the term “online video,” I would likely conjure up images of cute kittens frolicking in somebody’s living room, raccoons cavorting with puppies or maybe even a “Weird Al” Yankovic parody. (I’ll get back to Al shortly.)

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Duck tape your content marketing

CMO August 19, 2014

The origins of duck tape (or duct tape as some call it) date back to World War II. The tape was originally developed by Johnson & Johnson to seal ammunition boxes. Soldiers needed a way to seal ammunition cases against moisture. The tape was required to be ripped by hand, not cut with scissors. It was easy to apply and remove, and was soon adapted to repair military equipment quickly, including vehicles and weapons. This tape, colored in Army standard olive matte drab, was nicknamed “duck tape” by the soldiers.

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Why storytelling is key to marketing success

CMO July 31, 2014

There is no single formula for idea generation or great storytelling, but there are some sound practices to follow to help your next marketing campaign succeed.

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Putting the “big” in big idea marketing

CMO July 30, 2014

What comes first, a big idea or a story? Well, a big idea never gets communicated or embraced without a fantastic story behind it. On the other hand, a great story needs a payoff – a big idea. Mind. Blown. This conundrum becomes less an issue when you look at an idea and a story as two sides of the same shiny coin.

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The CMO’s Guide to bionic leads

CMO July 23, 2014

If you’ve ever experienced late-night television, where they replay old shows from the ‘70s through the ‘90s, perhaps you’ll recall “The Six Million Dollar Man.” It was a story based on an astronaut who was injured in an accident and the subsequent $6 million operation to replace both of his legs, his right arm and his left eye all with state-of-the-art bionics. The implants enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms: He can run at speeds of 60 mph, his eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities, and his bionic limbs all have super-human power. Oddly enough, while watching, I started thinking about lead generation techniques. That’s right, “bionic” leads.

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Content marketing's popularity versus social media: Google’s findings may surprise you!

CMO June 26, 2014

Social media may be the big buzzword when it comes to marketing today. Undoubtedly, it is an important tool for marketers. However, did you realize that content marketing is a MORE popular trend than social media marketing? Recent news from Google Trends reveals that content marketing really is the key to the online marketing puzzle.1 This article on the subject goes on to explain that in reality, social media marketing is only a small part of the content marketing package. By creating high-quality content, many firms can get twice the benefit—not only will it improve search engine position organically, but you can use this content to power your social media machine. Discover exactly how powerful content marketing is, and you’ll quickly realize why your focus should be on producing content that makes an impact, instead of only writing another character limited Tweet.

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Worst to first: The rocky road back to relevance

CMO June 19, 2014

Author’s note: Jacobs & Clevenger doesn't have a flag. But if we did, the motto on it would probably read, “No Easy Projects.” We live for the toughest marketing challenges. That's why the following story inspires me. I hope it will do the same for you.

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