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Branding and Marketing Efforts are Shifting Amid COVID-19

Posted by Emily Hegland on July 22, 2020

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has thrown a wrench into everyone’s plans for 2020. To avoid tone-deafness during a crisis, many brands have had to tweak, pivot or completely scrap their marketing calendar. In a recent survey of marketing professionals across industries, only 6% didn’t have to change their marketing strategy. The rest are refocusing messaging or changing how they do business. Forty-five percent of companies surveyed say the impact is moderate… they haven’t had to throw everything out the window. But 18% have found themselves changing drastically.


In the long term, 57% of brands believe that there will be a lasting impact from COVID-19 on their usual branding and marketing. And 13% say the crisis will permanently change branding. Whether these changes are short-term or long-term, businesses are finding themselves in a transformative time. Whether it means retooling your brand completely or adjusting to a new landscape, marketing is more important than ever.

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