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The Longevity Revolution: A Marketer's Guide to a New Era

Direct Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Senior Marketing March 7, 2024

The human lifespan is steadily increasing, and the potential to live well into our 100s (see Fig.1) or even beyond is no longer a distant dream. This is great news for us as a society — and a unique opportunity for us marketers. But it also means we need to make a significant shift in our perspective and approach.

Let's delve into the implications of the "longevity revolution" for the marketing landscape.

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Longevity: A Silver Lining for Growth Strategies in Senior Markets

Direct Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Senior Marketing February 22, 2024

If you're targeting seniors over 65, you've likely heard whispers of "longevity" echoing throughout the industry. But is it just hype? Or could this burgeoning field hold real promise for your growth strategies?

Buckle up, because the answer is a resounding yes, it could.

Here are some ideas on how to connect with this active, tech savvy group:

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The Power of Loss Aversion: Why We Fear Losses More Than We Desire Gains

Direct Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Insurance Marketing February 8, 2024

Did you know that you are under a spell?

Yes, you (and your customers) are under the control of a concept that influences your daily decisions, often without you even realizing it...

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Mastering the Art of Email Marketing: 5 Key Considerations for Success

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative January 29, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, email remains a powerful tool. 

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Customer Retention — Your Secret Weapon

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative December 1, 2023

If you’ve ever had to win new business, you know one thing to be true — keeping customers is a hell of a lot easier than signing new ones. In addition to the legwork and effort, the cost of acquiring a new customer can be up to five times higher than retaining an existing one.

That means customer retention is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy.

And you, as the marketing manager, should make it a top priority, here's why...

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Be Aware of Your Customer's Awareness

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative November 15, 2023

If you’re lucky...

You have prospects knocking on your door asking for help with a specific issue. They know you. And they know you can fix their problem. For a solution-aware prospect like this, you just need to convince them that you offer the best remedy because you have the secret sauce (the old “CONVINCE_______ THAT___________BECAUSE_________” proposition).

Then there is the prospect who is walking around unaware of you...

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Thinking About Direct Mail Automation? Not so fast…

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative November 5, 2023

Direct mail automation has changed the way marketers communicate with their target audience.

Many marketers are now integrating technology with traditional direct mail strategies and streamlining the multi-step marketing process. It can be a quick and easy solution for them.

When it works...

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All Advertising Is Based on Direct

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative October 19, 2023

Advertising…it’s everywhere you look.

From billboards on highways… to targeted ads on social media… to awkward ad rolls in elevators… advertisers try their best to capture our attention.
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End This Quarter With A Win

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative October 5, 2023

Don't look now — Q4 is here.

We’re moving into the biggest shopping season of the year – and your holiday shopping campaigns are beginning to take shape. As you know, the fourth quarter is a crucial time for many marketers. This is prime time for brand awareness, acquisition and, of course, driving revenue.

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Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative September 24, 2023

Direct marketing has long relied on the art and science of testing to fine-tune campaigns, engage customers, and drive results.

Although over the last few years, there’s been a noticeable shift in the industry, with some direct marketers seemingly testing less than ever before. We did an informal survey and it seems several factors are behind this anomaly. (NOTE: Still testing, just not as much as before).

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