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How Will Technology Evolve Direct Marketing Best Practices in the Next 20 Years?

Direct Response Marketing March 12, 2014

Many people would argue direct marketing is on the decline. The reality is, however, that the principles and best practices of direct marketing are becoming more commonplace. Technology is enabling direct marketing principles to be applied to a myriad of channels. As a result, direct marketing best practices are currently being utilized in many measurable channels across a number of different industries. Examples include call-to-action buttons in email, limited-time retail offers and retargeted banner ads based on web user behavior. These are all current channels leveraging the tried and true direct marketing best practices.


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Why Direct Response Marketing Will Never Die

Direct Response Marketing February 25, 2014

I’d argue that direct marketing is more alive now than ever. The core principles of direct response marketing are being used across a number of different channels, especially digital channels. It seems that direct marketing is often misunderstood. Many people equate direct marketing with direct mail. Direct marketing is actually a set of tools and techniques that use targeted communications to drive measurable response and action.


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Most popular direct mail articles of 2013

Direct Response Marketing February 6, 2014

Over the past year direct mail has continued to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and prospects. Direct mail headlines have included topics such as response rates, best practices and personalization.


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Does boring direct mail work the best?

Direct Response Marketing November 21, 2013

Direct mail is probably one of the most misunderstood channels. There are a number of contributors that determine direct mail success and failure. The reality is that creative isn’t one of the primary drivers. There are a number of factors that are likely to impact response more than creative.


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Is multichannel ability the most critical attribute for top direct marketing agencies?

Direct Response Marketing November 20, 2013

As a member of one of the top direct marketing agencies, I believe there are a number of attributes that define the top direct marketing agencies. It seems that direct marketing is often misunderstood. Many people equate direct marketing with direct mail. Direct marketing is actually a set of tools and techniques that use targeted communications to drive response and action.


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7 ways marketers are underutilizing their marketing data

Direct Response Marketing October 23, 2013

Companies are accumulating more and more data on their prospects and customers. With the proliferation of channels, marketers now are able to access and collect information across a number of different channels and sources. This includes information about prospective and current customers’ interests as well as behavior.


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Why your direct mail is underperforming

Direct Response Marketing October 22, 2013

Architecting a successful direct mail campaign is as much science as art. When companies utilize direct mail and it doesn’t perform, they often blame the channel as a whole, rather than dissecting that individual direct mail initiative and looking for improvements.


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Anatomy of a direct mail letter

Direct Response Marketing October 3, 2013

Developing effective direct mail is as much science as it is art. Direct marketing is a discipline that is defined by response and action. Applying proven best practices and techniques to direct mail letters can be the difference between direct marketing success and failure.


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Have direct mail best practices been influenced by digital media?

Direct Response Marketing October 2, 2013

Digital marketing and digital media have changed the way many marketers communicate with their customers and prospects. Email has provided a cost-effective and expeditious vehicle to communicate with customers. Online vehicles, such as banner ads and content marketing, are demonstrating value as effective pull marketing mechanisms.


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Are direct marketing agencies the best digital agencies?

Direct Response Marketing August 23, 2013

As digital agency services have become more in demand by marketers, I’ve often wondered which roots are the most logical for a digital agency. While several digital agencies are completely new start-ups, many are offshoots or born out of advertising, public relations, direct marketing and other agencies.


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