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Triggered emails continue as one of the most effective forms of email marketing

Email Marketing February 19, 2014

Email marketing continues to be one of the common forms of marketing, with the number of emails annually deployed continuing to grow. So what are the most effective forms of email marketing? It turns out that triggered emails continue to prevail as one of the most effective forms of email marketing, as they are driven by actual user behavior. Triggered emails are typically automated emails that a user receives based on an action or behavior.

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Are you overrating open rates?

Email Marketing February 18, 2014

Subject line testing is one of the easiest and most popular practices for successful email marketing. In fact, 83% of marketers believe testing subject lines is the most effective method to optimize emails.1

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Secrets to building marketing momentum

Email Marketing February 11, 2014

Most businesses have two kinds of customers: those who are actively using their products and those who are infrequently engaged.


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Secrets for choosing the right incentive

Email Marketing January 21, 2014

Marketers are continually challenged with finding ways to motivate audiences. In an ideal world, we’d have limitless budgets and the task of delivering eye-popping offers would be relatively easy. We could forgo accountability and wildly incentivize audiences to the point where they would flock to shopping carts. But alas, without considering incentive costs, it’s a virtual certainty our profits would evaporate and we wouldn’t be operating successful businesses.


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Test your gut: Did the responsive email win?

Email Marketing January 16, 2014

Email marketers are a unique breed. We spend our days immersed in all stages of email development, researching the latest technology and design trends, and keeping up with constantly evolving email best practices. This means that email marketers are often more tech-savvy than the average person. However, do you know how tech-savvy your audience is?

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Putting Email Personalization Into Practice

Email Marketing January 14, 2014

I don’t know about you, but when I receive a marketing communication that addresses me as “Customer,” I tend to move on to the next item. This is doubly true with email, since I know the risk of viruses and spam is high.


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Do mobile-optimized emails really perform better?

Email Marketing January 8, 2014

As a smartphone-dependent culture most of us are thankful whenever we don’t have to pinch-to-zoom an email just to read it. We’ve quickly become used to seeing content at a glance. As a result, we tend to ignore emails if the information we expect to find isn’t front and center.


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3 steps to utilizing content marketing to build an email opt-in list

Email Marketing December 11, 2013

Many marketers are turning to email as a core component of their marketing mix. Email has so many benefits and is a cost-efficient channel to provide timely and tailored messages. Capturing email addresses and growing an email opt-in list are top goals for many marketers.


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Test your gut: Which email won?

Email Marketing December 6, 2013

Testing is essential to successful email marketing campaigns. It’s an opportunity to learn about the preferences and behaviors of your target audience, and determine the best way to communicate with them and drive action.

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Breaking through to inactive customers

Email Marketing November 26, 2013

When it comes to lifecycle marketing, inactive customers are often a mystery. Marketers think, “Why would a specific group of customers go through a complex signup process and never actually use the service for which they enrolled?” Often times the reasons why aren’t self-evident.


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