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Why purchasing email lists is a bad idea

Email Marketing August 28, 2014

Successful email marketing is a goal for many companies. It is easy to see why email marketing is ramping up, with over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions being influenced by promotional emails.1 In order to achieve successful email marketing, it is necessary to have an email list
with a large number of prospective customers in the right target market. However, according to HubSpot, only 27% of marketers bought an email list this year.2

Although it might be tempting to buy a ready-made list of email addresses, purchasing email lists is generally a bad idea. The following is a list of potential problems that can be caused by purchasing email lists.

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Email worst practices: 7 common errors to avoid

Email Marketing August 21, 2014

This morning my inbox was packed. It seemed that all of humanity was urgently trying to reach me.


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Three important metrics to help you decide how many emails are too many

Email Marketing August 12, 2014

One of the biggest topics marketers wrestle with is how many emails are too many. Successful email marketing is a balancing act. You must create interesting and useful content, and communicate with your audience often enough to generate engagement, but not too often. One of the most important things to determine in any email marketing plan is the frequency of email. The most successful email marketing campaigns find the perfect balance—contacting potential users often enough that your brand and message are familiar, but not so often that users tune out or are driven away.

Metrics are a useful guide to determine how many emails are too many. The following three metrics are vital in helping you determine just the right frequency for an email marketing initiative.

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Mobile wallets are a payment threat for financial institutions

Mobile, Financial Services, Email Marketing July 15, 2014

Consumers want mobile payments. Mobile wallet usage has been rising steadily among consumers. For many, it's more convenient than having to use cash or even a credit or debit card. Gartner estimates that mobile payment volume will nearly triple in the next three years.1 A mobile wallet lets a consumer choose between payment methods on the fly and the ability to control all of their payments through a single device. Banks and financial institutions’ marketing teams that want to take advantage of mobile payments and the mobile wallet trend will need to act fast to capture this growing segment of the market.


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Email Marketing Stats That Have A Direct Impact On ROI

Email Marketing July 10, 2014

A successful marketing campaign is often measured in terms of the return-on-investment (ROI) it yields. Although digital marketing has expanded into a wide range of channels, the most successful channel still tends to be email marketing.


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7 Email Marketing Myths

Email Marketing June 17, 2014

Email marketing is a topic that is well studied, with many facts around what works and doesn’t work. The reality is, however, there are many popular myths and misconceptions in the marketing industry that are masquerading as email marketing facts. Here is a list of 7 email marketing myths and email marketing truths.


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Email optimization: How mobile views are changing click behavior

Email Marketing June 5, 2014

Successful email marketing campaigns rely on a cycle of continuous improvement. An ongoing process of measurement, analysis, testing and implementing learnings is the key to long-term success. Your email recipients are constantly evolving. New technology, devices and capabilities impact their expectations, behaviors and preferences, which directly affects email engagement. In the absence of testing, you can speculate about your email recipients but lack the conclusive data needed to drive creative strategy.

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What is considered spam by the user?

Email Marketing May 20, 2014

Have you often wondered what is considered email spam by the user? In this case, I’m not referring to actual email deliverability. This article hypothesizes about emails that end up in a user’s email inbox, but is a communication that the user considers as unwanted email.

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8 facts that define the current state of business-to-business email marketing

Email Marketing May 16, 2014

Business-to-business marketers often ask us, “What makes successful email marketing?” They also often ask, “How are consumer and business-to-business emails similar and how are they different?”


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Misuse of marketing data impacts email marketing program results

Email Marketing May 13, 2014

Building a successful email marketing campaign requires that marketers achieve relevancy in their marketing communications. I’d argue that successful email marketing programs in the future will leverage data to create relevant email marketing campaigns. The success will lie in leveraging data to create meaningful campaigns. My hypothesis is that data-driven campaigns are less likely to result in marketing fatigue if messages are considered relevant and valuable by audience.

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