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7 Email Marketing Myths

Email Marketing June 17, 2014

Email marketing is a topic that is well studied, with many facts around what works and doesn’t work. The reality is, however, there are many popular myths and misconceptions in the marketing industry that are masquerading as email marketing facts. Here is a list of 7 email marketing myths and email marketing truths.


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Email optimization: How mobile views are changing click behavior

Email Marketing June 5, 2014

Successful email marketing campaigns rely on a cycle of continuous improvement. An ongoing process of measurement, analysis, testing and implementing learnings is the key to long-term success. Your email recipients are constantly evolving. New technology, devices and capabilities impact their expectations, behaviors and preferences, which directly affects email engagement. In the absence of testing, you can speculate about your email recipients but lack the conclusive data needed to drive creative strategy.

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What is considered spam by the user?

Email Marketing May 20, 2014

Have you often wondered what is considered email spam by the user? In this case, I’m not referring to actual email deliverability. This article hypothesizes about emails that end up in a user’s email inbox, but is a communication that the user considers as unwanted email.

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8 facts that define the current state of business-to-business email marketing

Email Marketing May 16, 2014

Business-to-business marketers often ask us, “What makes successful email marketing?” They also often ask, “How are consumer and business-to-business emails similar and how are they different?”


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Misuse of marketing data impacts email marketing program results

Email Marketing May 13, 2014

Building a successful email marketing campaign requires that marketers achieve relevancy in their marketing communications. I’d argue that successful email marketing programs in the future will leverage data to create relevant email marketing campaigns. The success will lie in leveraging data to create meaningful campaigns. My hypothesis is that data-driven campaigns are less likely to result in marketing fatigue if messages are considered relevant and valuable by audience.

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4 Essential Disciplines of Email Testing

Email Marketing April 29, 2014

It’s easy for marketers to take for granted the inherent value of email as a research tool. Much of this has to do with the relative speed with which it can be executed. Some marketers move so fast they short-change the discipline necessary to think about what they want to learn. Many times this isn’t uncovered until after the campaign period and it’s too late to go back.


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6 tips to optimize welcome emails

Email Marketing April 23, 2014

According to a recent report, 53% of marketers agree that welcome messages best help achieve their business goals, up from 15% in 2011.1

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10 incredible email stats

Email Marketing March 20, 2014

Email is one of the most effective and most common channels marketers are using today. With so many marketers using email marketing, what are the current email trends, stats and facts? What are the best days of the week for driving engagement, opens and click-throughs? Are those the same days that deliver the highest ROI? How often do consumers check their email? Do those who engage with an email spend more? We’ve compiled a list of stats that can help you understand the current state of email marketing. Check out these 10 incredible emails facts and stats.

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Mobile optimized emails drive higher conversions and bad user experiences can have a negative impact on your brand

Email Marketing March 19, 2014

Mobile optimized emails are becoming a must. Mobile optimized emails lead to increased conversion rates and are a user expectation. Marketers not mobile optimizing their emails are likely suffering from compromised open rates, click-through rates and conversions. Mobile optimized emails are simply becoming a requirement for any email marketing effort. Here are facts that underscore the importance of ensuring you’re delivering mobile optimized emails.

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How Many Emails Are Too Many?

Email Marketing February 27, 2014

Email is one of the most common channels marketers are using. With over 145 billion emails sent annually, averaging 9,000 emails a year per user, marketers are constantly wondering, “How much email is too much?” In contact strategy design, clients often ask us, how many emails are acceptable to send, and over what period of time?
We’ve compiled a list of stats that can help you gauge where your marketing programs fall among the norms of email marketing frequency.

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