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Direct Marketers: Proceed with Caution

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative May 24, 2023

Like you don't have enough to worry about...

On top of everything else keeping you up at night, here are the most pressing issues direct marketers need to be aware of over the next 12 to 36 months — and interestingly enough, they all seem to have something in common – an added measure of CAUTION.

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CMOs Are Losing Z's

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative May 12, 2023

CMOs aren’t sleeping much these days.

And when you ask them what's keeping them up at night — there’s a discernible pattern in their answers…

No surprise — it’s all about that bottom line (sounds like a Megan Trainor song?).

But what’s particularly troubling for our marketing brethren, and a major source of their sleepless nights, is this: getting a decent return on their marketing investment. Their ROMI.

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Beware the Lure of AI

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative April 27, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting technology that has transformed the marketing industry — enabling businesses to automate processes, optimize campaigns, and improve customer experience.

However, while AI can be a powerful tool in direct marketing, it also poses significant risks to marketers and brands.

Here are 5 reasons why using AI in direct marketing could be dangerous:

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Simple Is Not Easy.

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative April 16, 2023

Over 150 years ago, Henry David Thoreau stated that the world needed to "simplify.

That was before IOT... self-driving cars... and ChatGPT.

Today the world seems more complicated than ever.

If ever there were a time to "simplify," it's today.

Especially in the world of direct mail design.

Because direct mail design, much like digital design, has been changing over the years.

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Call to Action: The Lead Generation Machine

Inbound Marketing March 31, 2023

Calls to action are crucial in generating leads from online content. Today, information searchers make up 75% of blog traffic as most blog visitors are searching for content in hopes of fulfilling a need, solving a problem or gaining insight. Therefore, it is vital to give searchers a reason to continue interacting with your website, instead of simply moving on to another site for additional information. This is where a well-crafted call to action comes into play.

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Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative March 13, 2023

Direct response marketers have a lot on their minds these days. And if you ask them to rank their most pressing issues, the results are quite interesting. That’s exactly what the folks at Lob did. Results from selected survey questions are laid out here...

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DM vs. Digital

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative February 24, 2023

Direct mail has been around for centuries...

But with the rise of digital ads, email, etc., it has been deemed "old hat" by some. Yet, there are still several advantages that direct mail has — and will always have — over today’s technology that make it a worthwhile investment for businesses in 2023.

Here are the top three reasons direct mail is the best place to put your marketing dollar right now:

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Direct Mail is Back Baby!

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative February 8, 2023

Remember the early 2000’s???

The Internet was still emerging… email marketing was new and exciting… digital ads were popping up at every click… social media was exploding… video content was all the rage… and even those unsolicited SMS messages were kinda curious (-- in an irritating sorta way).

Boy, those were the glory years for us marketers.

But today, after 20+ years of online ads and emails, things are changing — and we must change...

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The Secret to Better Response

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative January 11, 2023

There's one sure thing direct marketers know and it's this...

Through scientific testing and retesting — certain direct response techniques work better than others.

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Where is Direct Mail Headed?

Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Creative December 19, 2022

You were there.

So you know…

2022 was another year of Zoom calls… Nexflix binges, and lots of UberEats.

So what's 2023 going to look like?

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